Cost Effective Fiberglass Support Stakes for Tomato and Other Vegetable Supports and Cages

Product Details

Benefit from fiberglass rods’ flexibility, maintenance-free and high strength, fiberglass stakes shall be the most durable and reliable supports for various vegetable plants such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, green beans, cucumbers and etc

Product features:

1.Maintenance free and no rust, no rot

2.Light weight and high strength to provide sturdy support for many years

3.Easily installed into various kinds of supports simple stakes, cages, hoops, trellises, walls, fences and as well as custom framework

Product Type:  Fiberglass vegetable plant supports
Material: fiberglass rod
Surface: smooth
Size: 8mm to 16mm
Shape: straight in specific length with one pencil end
UV property: UV inhibitor
Application: vegetable plant stakes
Packaging: bundles and pallets

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cost effective fiberglass support stakes for tomato and other vegetable supports and cages comes from Pulwell - one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Offering customized service, we warmly welcome you to wholesale our quality products made in China and check the pricelist and quotation with our factory.