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VOC-free Resins For Pultrusion, Winding, Infusion, And Wet Layup

Dec 24, 2016

A new line of Advalite vinyl hybrid liquid resins from Reichhold Inc. (Durham, NC, US) are low-viscosity products designed for high-performance structural applications, including those in the automotive and wind energy sectors. Formulated for use in pultrusion, filament winding, wet molding and infusion processing, the resins have no monomer and, therefore, emit zero VOCs, and feature a Tg up to 190°C. They also exhibit excellent wet out, particularly with fiberglass reinforcment, are stable at room temperature and don’t require refrigerated storage, yet cure rapidly at elevated temperature. Reichhold says the resin is flexible and tough, with high strength and stiffness. Advalite also can be produced as a hot-melt prepreg resin.