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The Developing Prospect Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Dec 01, 2016

Fiberglass is a composite, fiberglass material because of its unique performance advantages have been decorated in aerospace, railway, building, household furniture, display advertising, craft gift, construction materials sanitary ware, Yacht boat, sports material, widely used in sanitation engineering, more than 10 industries, and praise, become the darling of new businesses demand in the industry. FRP products is also different from traditional materials, function, use, long life properties much better than traditional products. Its easy to shape, customizable, color random deployment features, by merchants and sellers of all ages, plays an increasingly large market than prospects!

Specific has following these industry: black metallurgical industry, and colored metallurgical industry, and power industry, and coal industry, and oil chemical, and chemical industry, and electromechanical industrial, and textile industrial, and car and the motorcycle manufacturing, and railway industry, and ship industrial, and construction, and light, and food industrial, and electronics, and posts and telecommunications industry, and culture, and sports and the entertainment, and agricultural, and commercial, and medicine health industry, and the military and the civilian application, all aspects of application field.

Involved these industry sector application of main FRP products category, has: mine ventilation equipment, and coking and the related equipment, and re smelting and the Ferroalloy smelting related equipment, and cold rolled and the plating equipment, lost variable electric equipment, and wind power equipment, and fire power with pipes, and cooling water equipment, and power management and the maintenance workers apparatus, coal mine Phoenix tube, and across burst water bags, and explosion-proof device, oil mining related parts and the equipment, and oil chemical equipment, chemical equipment, and chemical building with material, and mine ventilation equipment, motor parts, and spare parts, and plating equipment , And wind generator and the parts, textile dyeing equipment, and facilities and the parts, car manufacturing with material and the parts, and car maintenance with material, and motorcycle manufacturing with material and the parts, railway locomotive vehicles with material and the related facilities, and railway signaling system with material and the related parts, various various rivers boats, and large steel boats supporting parts and the subsidiary facilities, building facilities and the with material, and bathroom, and kitchen, and doors and Windows, and waveform w, and cooling tower, and building ventilation air conditioning facilities, and building template,, light daily chemical and the paper industry with of related facilities, and Household appliances, and wine class, and leather, and home furniture with material, food storage tank uses, electronics with equipment, and life consumer with material and the electronic equipment accessories, posts and telecommunications telecommunications equipment supporting facilities, sports devices, and amusement equipment and the related facilities, agricultural sprinkler equipment, and greenhouses greenhouse, and implements accessories, and cold storage, and aquatic farming, commercial counter, and commercial box, and commercial refrigerated library, medicine industrial facilities and the medical health uses and so on.