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Senvion Acquires RodPack Composite Technology For Wind Turbine Blades

Dec 24, 2016

Wind turbine manufacturer Senvion (Hamburg, Germany) has acquired from NEPTCO Inc. (Pawtucket, RI, US) its RodPack composite technology for wind blade manufacturing. The material is already used in the blade for the Senvion 6.2M152 and is anticipated to be integrated in future blade designs for onshore and offshore turbines.

RodPack technology is composed of cured pultruded rods placed on a nonwoven fabric. It substitutes the standard glass fabrics used in wind blade spar caps and enables optimized blade design as well as faster and higher-quality blade production. The technology will be exclusively available and used in Senvion turbines. Senvion is currently working on the co-development of a machine to expand RodPack production capacity.

Andreas Nauen, CEO at Senvion, says, “The steady improvement of our turbines and their efficiency is key for us. It is our aspiration to use the best and highest-quality materials and products on the market. The acquisition of RodPack is a logical step for us to reach that goal.”

RodPack has 9% better material properties than high-modulus glass and 20% better than standard unidirectional glass. This creates the potential for blade designs with higher yields, longer life or a higher wind class.

Bernhard Telgmann, executive vice president product and technology at Senvion, states, “Earlier this year, we announced that together with our new owner we would be able to strengthen the investment in our product development. Since then, we have presented a new turbine with the longest onshore blades currently available and are now going a big step forward in the efficiency improvement of blades by acquiring RodPack. Senvion is a technology leader, and we will keep going ahead with our pioneering spirit.”

In September 2015, the company presented its low-wind turbine, the Senvion 3.4M140, with a blade length of 68.5m, and opened an additional Research and Development Center in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India, to support the TechCenter in Osterrönfeld. Senvion was acquired by Centerbridge Partners in April and since then the new owners have announced a clear agenda and support for further investment into innovations at Senvion.