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Pulwell Fiberglass ( GFRP) Rigid Cable Conduit System

Jul 27, 2020

Why Pulwell Fiberglass (GFRP) Conduit System


How we make the fiberglass conduit tube


Different from the traditional FRP winding process, Pulwell produces high-performance fiberglass conduit products using continuous manufacturing pull-winding process to reach consistently high quality product. Thanks to our patented technology with combination of pultrusion and winding technology, our pull-winding process is capable of designing different reinforcements such as unidirectional fibers, continuous strand mat as well as helical winding of fibers from a few degrees up to 90 degrees and results in a steady output of fiberglass conduit tube in constant wall thickness. Our process is highly flexible and easily adaptable to efficiently create products of different, custom specifications. This allows us to deliver competitively priced solutions for our customers that can be turned around without overly extended lead times.