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Performance And Application Of Fiberglass Reinforced

Dec 01, 2016

Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites with good corrosion resistance and high tensile strength, which is ideal material for corrosion of steel reinforcement of reinforced concrete. FRP products in the current market, namely carbon-fiberglass, glass fiber-glass, aramid, and get more benefits in civil infrastructure industries, as compared to the rest of its lower cost. Glass and steel non-metallic materials. It does not corrode steel reinforced concrete. However, this does not mean that glass long-term resistance to corrosion. Concrete pore water has a high pH value in the long-term durability of glass and steel issues. Hydroxyl ions and resin, and chemical reaction of glass fibers, causing material degradation and the loss of bond strength between fiber and resin. Some continuing role on glass fiber reinforced plastic rods often lead glass micro-cracks. Crack width depends on the sustained stress levels. In this regard, FRP rods is expected to gain more strength loss of concrete pore water compared with continuous load combination, without a continuous load. Recently, a long-term performance prediction in glass and steel in the wet concrete, results showed that the glass and steel of a significant loss of strength in an elevated temperature environment. Recognizing this, Parametric study, study of FRP reinforced concrete bridge deck structures and FRP rods under service loads the real level of sustained pressure. Lightweight structural concrete with a unit weight of about. 90-120 lb/ft 3, through the use of light weight coated paper in glass and steel reinforced concrete bridge pier less stress burden, you can improve the performance of durable fiberglass reinforced.