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Glass Fiber Rods Are Glass Fiber Rods Have What

Dec 01, 2016

Fiberglass is glass fibre and its products (glass cloth, yarn, felt, and so on) as reinforcing material, synthetic resin matrix composite materials. Composite refers to a material does not meet requirements, require two or more materials together to form another material that can meet the requirements of people, namely, composites. Single glass-fiber, high strength, but is loose, can only sustain tension, cannot withstand the bending, shear and compressive stresses, is not easy to make a fixed geometry, is soft.
 If you glue them together with a synthetic resin, can cause a variety of hard goods with a fixed shape, can withstand the tensile stress, and can be subjected to bending and compressive and shear stresses. This form of glass fiber reinforced plastic composites. Due to its strength equivalent to steel, and contains glass component, also has glass as of color, and form, and resistance corrosion, and electric insulation, and insulation, performance, as glass as, history Shang formed has this popular understand of name "FRP", this noun is by original national building materials industry Minister Lai Jifa comrade Yu 1958 proposed of, by building materials system spread to national, now also General to used with. Thus, fiberglass refers to the meaning of glass-fiber reinforced materials, synthetic resins for adhesives of reinforced plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastics in foreign countries. With the development of China's fiberglass industry, as reinforcement of the plastic base has been extended to boron and carbon fiber glass fiber fibers, aramid fibers, alumina and silicon carbide fibers such as, no doubt, these new fiber-reinforced plastics, are some of the high-performance fiber-reinforced composite material, using glass fiber reinforced plastic commonly known as cannot be summed up. Taking into account the history of the origin and development of FRP composite material is usually used, such a name would have been more comprehensive.
 Fiberglass rod

Glass fiber rods due to their unique performance advantages have been decorated in aerospace, railway, building, household furniture, display advertising, craft gift, construction materials sanitary ware, Yacht boat, sports material, widely used in sanitation engineering, more than 10 industries, and praise, become the darling of new businesses demand in the industry. FRP products is also different from traditional materials, function, use, long life properties much better than traditional products. Its easy to shape, customizable, color random deployment features, by merchants and sellers of all ages, plays an increasingly large market than prospects!

Specific has following these industry: black metallurgical industry, and colored metallurgical industry, and power industry, and coal industry, and oil chemical, and chemical industry, and electromechanical industrial, and textile industrial, and car and the motorcycle manufacturing, and railway industry, and ship industrial, and construction, and light, and food industrial, and electronics, and posts and telecommunications industry, and culture, and sports and the entertainment, and agricultural, and commercial, and medicine health industry, and the military and the civilian application, all aspects of application field.