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Fibre Glass Detail

Dec 01, 2016

Glass fiber products: light weight, high strength

Its specific gravity is 1.8-2.1g/cm, is only one-fourth of steel, transportation and construction are very easy to install, compared with plastic products, are plastic products 10 times its strength, light weight and high strength are significant characteristics of FRP pultrusion.

Corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, long service life

Pultruded FRP products resistant to acids, alkali, salts, organic solvents and other corrosive erosion, in the field of corrosion advantages unmatched by other metals, and have good water resistance and aging resistance, whether in corrosive environments and harsh outdoor, wet environment, the service life of up to 15 years.

Good security

Pultruded FRP products have excellent electrical insulation, non-magnetic, spark-free, flame-proof treatment and according to user needs.

Impact resistance is good, good design

Pultruded FRP products allow repeated bends without permanent deformation, have good impact resistance and fatigue resistance. It also can be designed according to customer requirements into different sections.