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Pulwell Fiberglass Rebars (GFRP Rebars) For Flatwork --Stronger, Cheaper And Rust Free Solution For Concrete Reinforcement

Jul 27, 2020

Benefits of Pulwell fiberglass rebars vs black steel rebar for concrete flatwork


75% lighter than steel--ease of handling, labor and freight savings

Stronger than steel-- 2X tensile strength of steel rebar

More durable-- impervious to corrosion, longer service life,no more corrosion cracks

Non conductive-- electrical and thermal insulator

Cost competitive-- consistent pricing and cheaper than steel

Faster to install-- light weight and easily cutting for 50% labor savings

Lower tensile modulus-- springs back and stays centered when stepped on or driven on, less cracks



Pulwell fiberglass Rebar for Flatwork is intended for slab on ground applications such as: curbs, walkways, parking slabs, drive-ways, sidewalks, agricultural slabs,shed pad, steps, ramps, curved pathway, patios,  lightweight paving and Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP) for streets as well as swimming pool deck and surround and etc.