Custom FRP Profiles with Polyurethane Resin for Solar Panel Mounting Supports and Other Specific Demand

Product Details

Pultruded FRP profiles from polyurethane resin (PUR) have superior tensile strength, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance compared with composites based on unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins. Pulwell provides custom FRP composite profiles (GRPU) with PUR.

Advantages of Polyurethanes vs other resins 

 Outstanding properties
– Improving transverse properties.
 – Higher specific strength and stiffness.
 – Increased part complexity.
 – Excellent impact resistance.
 – Excellent abrasion resistance.
 – Excellent surface Finish.
 – Superior fabrication and fastening results.
 – Significantly higher screw pull out strength.
 – Much lower smoke generation than polyester or vinyl ester.
 Better Durability
 – Excellent corrosion resistance.
 – Lower water absorption.
 – Better temperature stable
 – Better light stable
 Aliphatic light stable resin available
 More economic
 – Elimination of mats reduce cost
 – Highest Fiber volume ( increase strength as well)
 – Reduced wall thickness
 – Stronger profiles spanning greater distance
 – Higher productivity – faster line speed
  Environmental Friendly
 – 10 % bio-based standard resin. Soybean based resins available
 – No styrene, no peroxides. 

 Typical applications of PUR pultruded composite profiles: cross-arms, electrical poles, cooling tower parts, sheet piles, cable trays, ladder rails, window lineal, lintels, door frames, solar panel support frames and etc.

custom frp profiles with polyurethane resin for solar panel mounting supports and other specific demand comes from Pulwell - one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Offering customized service, we warmly welcome you to wholesale our quality products made in China and check the pricelist and quotation with our factory.