Fiberglass (GFRP) Conduit

The Infrastructure Industry largely relies on conduit. Pulwell’s lightweight but tough, fiberglass conduit systems are often more cost effective and durable than traditional PVC, MPP,PE or steel counterparts. Pulwell fiberglass Conduit system consists of FRP conduit tubes, couplings, bushings and spacers. It is designed to provide power, telecommunications and transit utilities as well as commercial and industrial markets with a reliable, easily installed carrier for below ground and above ground applications.

Product Details

Properties Comparison of Pulwell Fiberglass Conduit with Traditional Conduits


Pulwell fiberglass Conduit system is better, safer, more economical, and longer-lasting than all previous traditional conduits. Our fiberglass conduit not only performs as well or better than the other "traditional" products, but it also offers extended benefits that range from significant overall cost savings to reduced environmental impacts.


Benefits using Pulwell Fiberglass Conduit System

Longest life cycle of any conduit system: environmentally resistant, non-conductive and non-corrosive! Simply outlasts and outperforms other conduit systems!

Lowest installed cost: Fewer supports and fittings combined with ease of installation significantly reduce labor and material costs compared to other conduit systems. 

Highest strength to weight ratio of any conduit system. Retains shape after impact and will not deform.

Safest system to install: the light weight of fiberglass compared with PVC and steel results in increased job productivity, fewer injuries and reduced worker fatigue.

Wide operating temperature range: -60°C to 200°C, whereas PVC is only rated to 90°C. Can be installed in hot and cold environments without loss of mechanical properties. Does not sag or become brittle.

No cable fusion under fault conditions. Cables will not adhere to the conduit wall.
Non-Conductivity: Fiberglass conduit is an excellent insulating material.
Low coefficient of friction: Pull cables further than PVC. Allows for fewer manholes, lower material costs, and lower labor costs.

Easy-fit assembly: Conduit and fittings are easily to cut and join in the field. Straight sleeve coupling with quick push-fit seal system.


Low coefficient of thermal expansion: less than PVC and comparable to steel—results in fewer expansion joints and support hardware.
Rodent-proof/Rot proof.
Low toxicity: fiberglass conduit does not release harmful toxins such as chlorine and bromine when burned.

Cost-effective-- All Reliable Savings

   Extremely lightweight to work with and lower handling costs图片7_副本

   Easy to cut, Faster to install, and lowest installation costs

   Easy connections--No adhesive or threading and quick push-fit seall assembly

   Affordable material cost

   Expanded support spacing distances

   Best overall value and returns for investment with:

Lower maintenance

Better, more consistent performance which reduces emergency repairs

Applications of Pulwell Fiberglass Conduit System  


The benefits offered by Pulwell Fiberglass conduit system, including corrosion resistance, cost-effectiveness, lighter weight, and expanded support spacing distances contribute to growing use across the board and savings, industry by industry, for  power, telecommunications and transit utilities as well as commercial and industrial markets.


Main Applications:


Port Authority/Coastal Environments

Commercial projects such as Airports,Stadiums,Trenchless,Universities

Industrial projects such as Wastewater Treatment,Chemical Plants,Food Processing,Pulp and Paper Plants

Utilities/Data Centers

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