High Strength Custom Carbon Fiber (CFRP) Tubes by Prepreg Roll-wrapping Process

Product Details

Pulwell makes  custom carbon fiber composite tubes ( CFRP) using prepreg by roll-wrapping process to reach thin wall tubes that are highly durable, temperature resistant, exceptionally stiff and extremely lightweight.

Pulwell composite tubes may consist of various fiber or fabrics, including carbon fiber prepreg (graphite), Kevlar®, fiberglass (S-Glass and E-Glass), and even metallic strands or ribbons. With carbon fiber, the high strength-to-weight ratio is the real key. For engineers and product designers, the versatility of prepreg makes it ideal for creating custom light-weight tubing for many applications.

The roll-wrapping process provides versatility in design and repeatable quality standards. The characteristics of the tubes can be influenced by the use of different textures. We offer following grain directions: 

●Unidirectional fiber orientation (in the longitudinal direction of the tube): high resistance to bending
●90° fiber orientation (in radial direction of the tube):  high pressure resistance and against radial stress
●± 45° fiber orientation: high torsion strength
●0°/90° fiber orientation (plain weave or structural weave): typical carbon optics

We are also able to offer different fiber angles for special use as well as a combination of different fiber angles, and also, hybrid fibers such as fiberglass and aramid kevelar fiber can be used.

Product Type:  Carbon fiber composite tubes
Material: Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP)
Surface: Natural rough or smooth or with paint or 3K finish, custom
Size: OD in 10mm to 150mm, can be tapered, custom
Shape: custom
Length: less than 1.8m
Application: tent poles, bicycle tubes, tripod tubes, hockey sticks, conveyor rollers, ski poles, arrows, boom poles, kayak paddle tubes, gaff hooks, bow stabilizers, kite spars, curling brooms, and numerous other custom tube designs for various industrial and consumer applications 
Packaging: cartons

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high strength custom carbon fiber (cfrp) tubes by prepreg roll-wrapping process comes from Pulwell - one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Offering customized service, we warmly welcome you to wholesale our quality products made in China and check the pricelist and quotation with our factory.