High Strength No Rust Fiberglass ( FRP) Rebars as CRCP Concrete Pavement Reinforcement and Tie Bars

Product Details

Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP) is constructed with reinforcing bars placed within the concrete along the entire length of the pavement. CRCP naturally forms tight transverse cracks to evenly transfer loads and reach a continuous, smooth-riding surface capable of withstanding the heaviest traffic loads and the most adverse environmental conditions. Typical CRCP includes highways, roadways, airport runways, railway track beds, warehouse flooring and etc
 The reinforcing bars are very critical for controlling the      width of the transverse cracks and fiberglass reinforced  polymer ( FRP) rebars shall be ideal reinforcement and tie bars  for CRCP, because FRP rebars can provide the below benefits:

 1.Much lighter weight and much higher strength than steel

 2.Much higher bond strength with concrete than steel

 3.Much lower expansion or shrinkage ratio than steel, and  alsothe shrinkage/expansion ratio is close to concrete, which  means less cracks

 4.No rust and corrosion resistant

 5.Continuous FRP rebar in rolls can be released to straight rebars in several hundred or thousand meters without any joints

Product Type: composite rebar
Material: Fiberglass reinforced polymer ( GFRP)
Surface: sand-coated rough
Size: 6mm to 25mm dia. in specific lengths
Shape: straight in specific length or 100-1000 meters per roll 

Packaging: bundles or pallets

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