Stronger, Cheaper And Rust Free Fiberglass Rebar For Parking Lots

Concrete parking slabs can be installed without any reinforcement. However, concrete parking lots shall develop chips or cracks over time, which are not only unsightly, but also a threat to the integrity of the structure. So, for additional durability and stability, the concrete parking slabs need to be installed with rebar or wire mesh reinforcement. Comparing with steel rebar, Pulwell’s fiberglass rebars can provide stronger and cheaper solution, and also can leave the rust, weight, and price uncertainty of steel rebar behind.

Product Details

Benefits of Pulwell fiberglass rebars vs black steel rebar for concrete parking lots


75% lighter than steel--ease of handling, labor and freight savings

Stronger than steel-- 2X tensile strength of steel rebar

More durable-- impervious to corrosion, longer service life,no more corrosion cracks

Non conductive-- electrical and thermal insulator

Cost competitive-- consistent pricing and cheaper than steel

Faster to install-- light weight and easily cutting for 50% labor savings

Lower tensile modulus-- springs back and stays centered when stepped on or driven on, less cracks


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