High Modulus CFRP Composite Rebars as Structural Reinforcement for Beams, Slabs, Decks,pre or Post-tensioned Applications

Pulwell CFRP ( carbon fiber reinforced polymer) rebar s are made of high strength carbon fiber and epoxy resin, which can provide superior tensile strength, shear strength and modulus 。 Pulwell CFRP rebars and tapes are typically used to strengthen existing structural members (concrete, wood,...

Product Details

Pulwell CFRP ( carbon fiber reinforced polymer) rebars are made of high strength carbon fiber and epoxy resin, which can provide superior tensile strength, shear strength and modulus

Pulwell CFRP rebars and tapes are typically used to strengthen existing structural members (concrete, wood, stone or masonry) in flexure and shear. Structures, which are deficient due to either a structural flaw, deterioration or because of a change in use can often be brought to a useful capacity using Pulwell series CFRP rebars.  

When combined with a proprietary factory applied anchorage, the CFRP rebars can be used as pre- stressing or un- bonded post tension tendons or earth anchors.   

Occasionally, the CFRP rebars are used as traditional concrete reinforcing bars, typically in restoration or repair situations.

Benefits of Pulwell CFRP Rebars
 • Impervious to Chloride Ion and chemical attack ~ Will NOT Corrode  
 • Tensile strengths greater than steel  
 • Modulus approaching that of steel & much greater than GFRP
 • Can withstand greater sustained loads  
 • 1/5th the weight of steel rebar
 • “Consumable” by excavating equipment
 • Much higher bond strength with concrete than steel, by external helical wrap along with a sand coating of CFRP rebar

Pulwell CFRP Rebars and Tape Can be Used in the Below Applications

Pre-stressing and Post-tensioning  
 • Pre- stress Tendons in Corrosive Applications
 • Precast Bridge Deck Panels
 • Concrete Poles & Marine Pilings
 • Stay- in - Place Formwork
 • Un- bonded Post Tensioning  
 • Post Tensioning of Precast Members  
 • King Post Arrangement for Floor Slabs
 • Replacement of Corroded Steel Tendons

Active Earth Anchors & Tie Backs  
 • Deep Foundations with Encroachment Issues
 •“Consumable” & Doesn’t Affect Adjacent Land Use  
 • Slope Stabilization
 • Mining & Tunneling

• Waterfront Construction
Concrete Susceptible to Corrosion  
• Repair Situations
• Inadequate Concrete Cover  
• Historic Preservation

Masonry Strengthening

Product Type: composite rebar
Material: Carbon  fiber reinforced polymer ( CFRP)
Surface: sand-coated rough
Size: 6mm to 12mm dia.
Shape: straight in specific length or rolls
Packaging: bundles or pallets

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high modulus cfrp composite rebars as structural reinforcement for beams, slabs, decks,pre or post-tensioned applications comes from Pulwell - one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Offering customized service, we warmly welcome you to wholesale our quality products made in China and check the pricelist and quotation with our factory.


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