Custom Carbon Fiber (CFRP) Plates, Strips and Bars for Specific Demand

Product Details

Pulwell Carbon fiber strengthening Plate is made of high strength carbon fiber and epoxy resin, which can provide superior tensile strength, shear strength and modulus。

Externally bonded FRP strengthening is analogous to steel plate bonding. Successful implementation of CFRP plate bonding is dependent on proper surface preparation, leveling and bond of the structural adhesive to the concrete and CFRP plate interfaces.    

Externally bonded CFRP Laminates work best in overhead applications for flexural strengthening, where sufficient bond and development lengths can be achieved.

Product Type:  carbon fiber composite strips
Material: Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) or hybrid fibers
Surface: smooth or peel ply rough
Size: 50mm and 100mm wide in 1.2mm or 1.4mm thick or custom size
Shape: flat strip
Length: 100m per roll
Packaging: cartons

Pulwell CFRP strips Can be Used in the Below Applications
Externally Bonded Structural Strengthening
 1. Flexural Strengthening of:   
 -  Bridge Decks
 -  Parking Garages
 -  Floor slabs  
 2. Shear Strengthening
 3. Change of Use Situations–Higher Loads
 4. Return Deteriorated Members to Capacity  
 5. Additional Structural Capacity Without Additional Dead Weight

Masonry Strengthening
 •  In Plane and Out of Plane Strengthening of Masonry Shear Walls
 •  “Event”  Loading of Masonry –   Blast, & Seismic
 •  Restore Capacities of Cracked Masonry  

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custom carbon fiber (cfrp) plates, strips and bars for specific demand comes from Pulwell - one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Offering customized service, we warmly welcome you to wholesale our quality products made in China and check the pricelist and quotation with our factory.